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Automatic robot welding machines and computer controlled infrared powder coating facilities, ensure a consistent high quality finish for the range of products that are - built to last.

New ideas are constantly tested and improved using sophisticated CAD systems, to ensure maximum efficiency and performance.

Designs have been developed to optimise the efficiency of the body shell geometry to maximise the power of the motor. This is done to create the correct air flow profile and produce the required vacuum for quieter and more efficient lawn mowing.

The full product range is distributed and sold throughout Southern Africa, and selected models are exported to countries worldwide.

Why Tandem Image

Why Tandem?

Our unique modular construction on our lawnmowers, allows all worn parts to be replaced economically. Our modern automated assembly line means there is no welding, so no rust....

Equipment Care & Safety

Equipment Care & Safety

Once you've purchased your dream lawnmower, how do you make that lawnmower last its entire life expectancy and beyond? Regular maintenance after you have used your lawnmower....

Lawn Care

Lawn Care

General Lawn Maintenance easy steps to enjoying your lawn and yard.


The grasses commonly used for lawns in South Africa are warm season...


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