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TANDEM LAWN INDUSTRIES, the largest manufacturer of lawn mowers and edge trimmers in Southern Africa, has created an icon to accompany and enhance the brand logo, that together encapsulates the company's mission and philosophy.

This icon is a masked weaver.

Weavers make up a group of birds which are very easily recognised both by appearance and behaviour by most people in Southern Africa, and belong to the genus Ploceidae. The masked weaver male is predominantly yellow, with a black face or mask - hence the name. They resemble finches, but are named for their elaborate nest building expertise. They create an intricate basket nest, woven from grasses, stripped palm leaves and twigs. Nests are round structures designed to hang from a thin branch high in a tree for protection from preditors, with the entrance facing the bottom. Weavers are extremely social, noisy and gregarious creatures and nest in large groups. Their nests look like large hanging fruit. The male is the industrious one, and builds nests to attract a female. If the female does not approve of the nest, and it is not up to her standard, she will destroy it and he has to start all over again. If however she does like the nest, she will line it with grass and feathers, and they will raise a family.

One of Nature's Wonders
It is because of this nesting behaviour, that this group of birds is so well known, and indeed their nests are one of the wonders of nature. On examining a weaver's nest, one can only marvel at the fact that a bird, using only its beak, can weave something so intricate and so consistent that we would find difficult to reproduce it with our hands.


The Tandem mission is to:

  1. Build a Profitable and Sustainable Business
  2. Create a Leading Brand
  3. Increase Volumes to Maximise Savings
  4. Dedicate Maximum Resources Towards Productivity
  5. Sustain Profitability of our Customers
  6. Facilitate Transfer of Knowledge within the Group
  7. Accelerate R & D to be able to Compete Internationally
  8. Invest in Modernisation and Manufacturing Processes
  9. Invest in Improvement of Selling Techniques
  10. Invest in Upgrade of Retail Outlets
  11. Create Culture of Pride and Honour
To achieve these objectives, TANDEM has had to emulate the industriousness of the weaver bird. This is done through ensuring that on-going investment is made in equipment and technologies needed to produce products that are superior, and therefore become the first choice brand of consumers.

This has led to the development of a modular manufacturing system that makes Tandem unique in the lawnmower and trimmer markets in Southern Africa.

Modular construction means, efficiency of production, economical manufacturing processes, no welding so no rust, all wear parts can be replaced easily and economically.

The male masked weaver has to achieve a required standard or his nest is rejected. This has to be executed to increasingly higher standards year after year. He does not stop improving. He cannot rest on his laurels and presume he is good enough, because that is when he fails. TANDEM cannot relax and believe that the present high standard is good enough. Every season, ongoing adjustments are made to production efficiencies, investment in new equipment and technologies. Improving in-house technologies are an ever present part of the TANDEM brand development.

This is the company mission. Pleasing the female weaver, in business terms, this means that the TANDEM consumer must be kept happy with their purchases, and accept the TANDEM brand as part of their family.

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